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The National Christmas Tree Association implements many of the consumer awareness programs for the Christmas Tree industry, and interacts with over 2,000 people throughout the year via email, phone and the Tree Talk blog.  We have industry experts available for interviews on a variety of subjects -- either on-camera or over the phone. For assistance with scheduling an interview, please call  NCTA at (800) 975-5920 or send us an e-mail.

Over the 2015 Holiday Season, we provided the following story/segment/interview ideas about Christmas Trees:

  1. Tree Care: Keeping a Real Christmas Tree fresh is fairly simple if consumers learn to separate proper tree care information from bad advice, old wives tales and urban legends. Every year, NCTA answers hundreds of questions about how to care for a Real Christmas Tree. Misinformation about proper tree care can reduce the enjoyment of a Real Christmas Tree. Unfortunately, many well-intended, but poorly informed, sources spread ineffective home remedies that have no scientific basis. An NCTA spokesperson can go through the simple steps recommended by the association with your viewers, listeners or readers.

  2. Tree are Renewable, Recyclable, and "Green": Consumers can quickly, easily and conveniently learn how, when and where to recycle their Real Christmas Tree after the holidays. Tree recycling programs are very common, but also localized. Many communities have found creative ways to use Christmas Trees post-harvest: from common chipping programs to marshland reclamation to beach restoration. Because farm-grown Christmas Trees are a 100 percent biodegradable plant, they can be recycled in many different ways – none of which you could do with a plastic tree, which is totally non-biodegradable. For every tree harvested, one to three new seedlings are planted on average.

  3. Innovations in the Real Tree Industry: Some consumers are looking for a more convenient way to enjoy a fresh Real Tree during the holiday season. Christmas Tree professionals are responding by providing services that offer alternatives to the traditional way of buying a Real Tree. Real Trees can be purchased by catalog or online at grower websites, and delivered direct to the consumer. Some businesses even offer rental of Christmas trees. Other convenience services include baling trees (making transporting and bringing into the home easier), shaking trees, and drilling the stumps to make it more stable in certain kinds of tree stands. NCTA experts can provide many tips and suggestions to your readers, listeners or viewers.

  4. Trees for Troops: The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, the charitable branch of NCTA, will be sponsoring the Trees for Troops program for the 8th consecutive year. Since the program began in 2005, Trees for Troops, with support from FedEx, has delivered more than 157,000 Real Christmas Trees to military families across the nation and around the world. The program will kick off with an international shipment after Thanksgiving, and Trees for Troops Weekend will be held on Dec. 4-6, during which consumers may purchase and donate trees to be delivered to military families. Christmas SPIRIT Foundation staff and volunteer participants can speak about the reach and impact of the program, as well as how consumers get can involved.

  5. White House Christmas Tree: Jay and Glenn Bustard and their family presented the Christmas Tree selected from their farm to the White House.  The tree was displayed in the White House Blue Room.  Winners of the National Christmas Tree Association national tree contest have provided the official White House Christmas Tree since 1966.  Also on hand was the NCTA President Blake Rafeld from Ashland, OH.

These topics and more can all be covered in either a short 4-7 minute straight question and answer segment or a longer in-depth segment with questions from listener call-ins.

If you want to explore these or other topics as possible interview segments, please contact NCTA at (800) 975-5920 or send an email to
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