Tree Varieties
Listed below are some of the more popular Christmas tree types available around the world. We invite you to learn more about these popular varieties and review our glossary of related terms.

Click each tree type for a detailed description and photo(s):

Fir Trees

Pine Trees

Spruce Trees

Cypress Trees

Cedar Trees

Balsam Fir
White Pine
Colorado Blue Spruce
Arizona Cypress
Eastern Redcedar
Canaan Fir Scotch Pine Norway Spruce
Leyland Cypress
Douglas Fir
Virginia Pine White Spruce
Fraser Fir
Grand Fir
Noble Fir
Concolor Fir (White Fir)

This section prepared by Clarke J. Gernon, Sr., Shady Pond Tree Farm; Dr. Craig R. McKinley, North Carolina State University; Dennis Tompkins, former editor of the American Christmas Tree Journal; Dr. Melvin R. Koelling, Michigan State University; and NCTA and state Christmas Tree association members.