Media Graphic Downloads

Thumbnail images of tree types and some of our members' activities are available for use. Higher resolution formats, suitable for magazine-quality printing, are available in most cases. Please contact the NCTA office at (800) 975-5920 or to request a larger file format.

Permission is hereby granted to re-use these photos, as long as credit to The National Christmas Tree Association is prominently displayed. If used at a Web site or online, a link to is required.

Christmas Tree Species

Scotch Pine
Balsam Fir
Noble Fir

White Pine
White Spruce
Fraser Fir

Virginia Pine
Douglas Fir
Monterey Pine

Colorado Blue
Leyland Cypress
Concolor Fir

Other images

Helicopter 1
Making Mulch
  White House Blue Room Christmas Tree 2011
2011 White House
Blue Room
Christmas Tree

Dropping Trees
Making Mulch
Helicopter 2
Aerial view
Aerial View of Farm
  Harvest Time
Harvest Time
Tree Chipping
Trees for Troops
Trees for Troops